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Chianti & Chianti Classico...a legacy deciphered - San Diego

  • Marriott Marquis 333 West Harbor Drive San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)
Chianti and Chianti Classico...NOT the same thing.

Chianti and Chianti Classico...NOT the same thing.

Chianti and Chianti Classico...2 wines that are as established in the world as the concept of wine itself. Hailing from the heartland of the Etruscan culture and based on the central Italian king of grapes Sangiovese ("the blood of jupiter"), Chianti has come to symbolize the very essence of central Italian viticulture, agriculture, folklore, tradition and mystique around the globe. Despite its over 800 year documented history, but going back much further, many misconceptions still exist on this fabled nectar of the Gods. It will be our mission and pleasure to clear up any obscurity related to this enological cathedral in a splendid event of tasting, culture and history as we dive deeply into all the details there are to know about this iconic and time-tested appellation.

This seminar reviews some of the recent changes and updates in regulations, clarifies wine styles and specific terroirs (villages and subzones) and explores in depth the beauty of this icon of Italy. Led by NASA Director of Education Diego Meraviglia, the seminar also includes a detailed guided tasting of several of the most significant wines from both regions, examples of the various towns, sub-zones, styles, new vintages, terroir and classification level : 

- 'Badia a Passignano' Chianti Classico gran selezione, Antinori, 2010
- 'Bibbiano' Chianti Classico riserva, Montornello, 2013
- Chianti Classico riserva, Fattoria La Ripa, 2012
- Chianti Classico riserva, Nozzole, 2013
- 'San Lorenzo', Chianti Classico gran selezione, Castello Di Ama, 2013
- Chianti Classico, Castello Dei Rampolla, 2013
- Chianti Rufina, Selvapiana, 2014
- Chianti, Spalletti, 2014
- Chianti Classico riserva, San Felice, 2013
- Chianti Classico Riserva "Novecento", Dievole, 2013
...and more.

PART OF SommCon 2016 (San Diego) - FREE FOR TRADE