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The "Master of Service" is a certification dedicated to properly and professionally training service professionals in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Graduates of the course should be capable of delivering uniformed, impeccable wine and food service that reflects the quality and mission of their service establishment.

The Course objectives are to educate service professionals to international standards. This is achieved through the teaching of practical skills like dining room etiquette, protocols, food service, and focusing on the fine art of professional and private wine-service. Students build confidence in their service skills, and learn the utiity of moving around the "floor" with grace, efficiency and professionalism.

The Master of Service is taught by active professional Sommeliers who work in acclaimed and Michelin star restaurants, who have honed their skills in the dining rooms of Europe and North America.  The course is built around the highly-appraised wine service standards of our parent organization, the Worldwide Sommelier Association, and adapted to current practices within the hospitality industry of the USA to create a unique course that only NASA teaches on the continent.

The final exam will reflect the pragmatic nature of the course, putting candidates through a series of tests designed to have them practice and fine tune their newly-acquired service expertise and consequent qualification.  Upon completing the one-day course, and passing the written & practical exam, students receive a certificate as 'Master of Service' from NASA.

We recommend this course to servers, restaurateurs, training staff, General Managers and to current and student Sommeliers who wish to achieve the 'Gold-Pin Sommelier' status.

Course Materials

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