This past June, NASA was pleased to host wine seminars and tastings on behalf of theConsorzio Tutela Vini Montefalco. Organized by Matteo Pastori, AIS/NASA Gold Pin Sommelier and native of Umbria, “Sagrantino Umbria essence” included a wine dinner at 54 Mint in San Francisco, and seminars, which attracted important members of the trade in San Francisco (Press Club).and Los Angeles (Terroni Hollywood.)

“Sagrantino Umbria essence” focused on the 500-year old tradition of growing and winemaking in the Montefalco region, on Italy’s eastern coast, with a diversity of wines and wine styles, including Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG and Sagrantino Metodo Classico. Both red and white varieties were featured.

"Sagrantino Umbria Essence" trade tastings offered the opportunity for small and large producers of Montefalco get in touch with the American market through direct meetings with importers based in California. Present at the events also journalists, sommeliers and wine buyers. Participating wineries were: Antonelli, Caprai, Bellafonte, Castelbuono, Le Cimate, Perticaia, Romanelli and Scacciadiavoli.


About the Consorzio
Since 1981, the wine producers of Montefalco have joined together in the Consorzio Tutela Vini Montefalco. This organization is responsible for coordinating with local producers and guiding them in both constant quality research and the promotion of the quintessential wines of their territory.  The Consortium is in charge of guaranteeing the high standards of production and promoting both Montefalco Sagrantino and Montefalco Rosso in the world.


Participating Wineries

Antonelli San Marco –

Started in 1881, Antonelli San Marco is a wine and farming estate, which extends over 420 acres located centrally within Montefalco's DOCG winemaking area. The estate style is geared towards authenticity and harmony, drinkability and elegance rather than blunt power. It leans towards gentle extraction and moderate use of wood ageing. Officially organic since 2012.

Arnaldo Caprai -

Founded in 1971. The renowned estate — stretches across 370 acres, with 336 acres currently in production. These vineyards are located in Montefalco, Gualdo Cattaneo and Bevagna, as well as the DOC Montefalco, DOC Colli Martani and DOCG Sagrantino di Montefalco production zones.

Tenuta Castelbuono -

The "Carapace" is the latest expression of the Lunelli family to repeat, beyond Trentino, the excellence achieved by Ferrari sparkling wine. In 2001, fascinated by the ancient and almost mystical land of Umbria, the Lunellis acquired Tenuta Castelbuono, 30 hectares of vineyards in the municipalities of Bevagna and Montefalco. Initial efforts focused on the vineyards, converting to organic, new vine planting and upgrading existing vines through a complex project of clone selection. A new winery was inaugurated in 2012, with a wine cellar created by Arnoldo Pomodoro, called the “Carapace.”

Perticaia –

Perticaia, in Umbria’s ancient language, means ‘the plow’ – the instrument that marks the transition from sheep farming to agriculture. This inseparable connection with the land inspired Guido Guardigli to call his winery “Perticaia. The company boasts nearly 16 acres of vineyards, of which more than 7 are of the Sagrantino grape variety, 4 of Sangiovese, 2 of Colorino, 2 of Trebbiano Spoletino, with 1 acre of the indigenous white Grechetto varietal. Planted in the heart of Montefalco, the vineyards are slightly sloped and are mainly facing south, southwest.

Scacciadiavoli –

Founded in 1884 as a complex and modern wine “factory”, Scacciadiavoli was the resulting dream of the Prince of Piombino, Ugo Boncompagni-Ludovisi. Today, the Pambuffetti family owns Scacciadiavoli. The estate is made up of 321 acres, 86 of which make up the vineyards, on a hill in the heart of the Montefalco appellation divided between the three provinces of Gualdo Cattaneo, Giano dell’Umbria and Montefalco. Sand, schist and the typical clay soils of the area are well suited for quality viticulture, focusing on late maturing varieties like the indigenous Sagrantino.

Le Cimate -

Le Cimate winery is situated in Montefalco, Umbria, on a hilltop with a 360 degree view of the Monti Martani mountains and the city of Montefalco. Built in 2011, Le Cimate winery is one of the most modern wineries in the area of Montefalco producing Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG, Montefalco Rosso DOC, Macchieto (Super Umbrian Wines), Aragon (a white IGT wine), Saudade (a rosato IGT) and Meliade (a Sagrantino Passito IGT wine).

Tenuta Bellafonte -

Bellafonte is located in the heart of the most pristine part of Umbria, just two steps away from Bevagna, near the village of Torre del Colle. Seven hectares of vineyards, located between 260 and 320 meters above sea level on the typical clay of the area alternating with marl and arenacous formations. An underground cellar, benefits from constant airflow. Grapes are not crushed but simply destemmed and then transferred in the vats where they start to ferment without any addition of yeast. Aging takes place in large Slavonia oak barrels (bigger than 30 hl) for wine ageing, bottling without filtering

Romanelli –

Founded in 1978, in the area of San Clemente, Montefalco. A true farm, where wine and olive oil is produced alongside cereal used for animal fodder. Today, three generations of the Romanelli family live and work passionately on the farm, which over the years has produced both oils and wines, inextricably linked with the territory, which have acquired an increasingly important role in the farm and vineyards.