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NASA’s ‘Master Taster Certificate’ is one of our most prized and elite masters. A master-class designed around the world renowned NASA technical tasting methodology adopted by the WSA (Worldwide Sommelier Association). This 2 day course caters to all already certified Sommeliers that wish to enhance, fine tune, improve and push their technical tasting skills & qualification to the maximum level. This is truly one of the best and most advanced technical wine tasting courses in offered in North America.

The course consists of 1 day (7 hours) of class and 1 day (2 hours) of examination. The course focuses on technical wine-tasting utilizing the North American Sommelier / Worldwide Sommelier Association ( 'technical tasting methodology & scoring form'. You will be coached through this world renowned system by Gold-Pin Sommeliers as well as studying in depth :

  • Purpose and goal of technical wine tasting
  • Human tongue & palate anatomy
  • Components of wine and their evaluation
  • Viticulture & the organoleptic effects on wine
  • Winemaking & the organoleptic effects on wine
  • In depth technical wine tasting methodology (AIS/NASA/WSA system)
  • In depth technical wine scoring
  • Wine maturation & curve of life
  • Fortified & dessert wine tasting
  • Tasting exercise utilizing broken down components of wine (acids / tannins / glycerol / salt / sugar)
  • Wine faults & wine flaws

Throughout the course you will be tasting a total of 15 different wines.


Pre-requisites : AIS/NASA/WSA Certified Sommelier or WSET diploma equivalent orAdvanced Sommelier Court of Master Sommeliers equivalent.

The 'MASTER WINE TASTER CERTIFICATE' is a compulsory pre-requisite for anyone wishing to teach for the North America Sommelier Association or achieve 'Gold-Pin' status.

*Written examination will consist of 5 blind tastings with NASA methodology and terminology (blank paper) + 50 written questions (30 multiple choice, 10 open).

**Oral examination will consist of 3 blind technical tastings with NASA methodology and terminology.

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