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The WSA/NASA SILVER-PIN CERTIFIED SOMMELIER  course is an international version of the WSA (Worldwide Sommelier Association) methodology. The certification is recognized globally and is deemed one of the best Sommelier programs in the world, thanks to over 70 years of professional experience and development. Aside from the extensive classroom time and proper school setting, strengths of this curriculum are the unique and patented 'technical tasting methodology',  the highest standards of instruction, modern and practical service education and the globally acclaimed and patented 'technical food & wine pairing methodology', for which the curriculum is famous.


Course itinerary:

  • First phase: Enology, Viticulture, Technical Wine Tasting and Service
  • Second phase: International Oenography (wines and wine regions of the world)
  • Third phase: Food Categories and Technical Food and Wine Pairing methodology
  • Written & Oral & Practical examination (tasting, pairing, knowledge, service)
  • Following possibility to obtain the 'Gold Pin' certification*
  • Following possibility to obtain various 'MASTERS' certificates**


Why choose us ?

1.  The Silver Pin Certified Sommelier course consists of 150 hours+ of hands-on classroom lecture time.
2.  All classes are taught by highly qualified instructors, providing the most direct and firsthand knowledge of each subject by experts in their fields.
3.  NASA provides students with extensive course and study material (five high quality books, charts, maps, handouts, tasting notebooks, tasting glasses, Sommelier wine bag).
4.  NASA is in the business of education and courses, not selling certifications and exams. All students must take the course in order to take the exam.You are literally "going to school".
5.  You will taste over 120 wines and spirits from many wine regions around the world.
6.  This course includes a guided class visit to a winery as part of the program, in order to learn how wine is made, and includes visits to the vineyard with the winemaker.
7.  A significant advantage of this course is the concentration on technical FOOD and WINE PAIRING,  an internationally-patented unique method, with an array of foods included for practical instruction.
8.  The course includes one educational fine-dining class dinner at a restaurant, in order to witness the pairing concepts learned in a "real-life" application.
9.  The Silver Pin Certified Sommelier is issued by the WSA (Worldwide Sommelier Association) and is recognized officially around the world.
10. Once certified with WSA/NASA, you will be part of a group with extensive networking, job referrals, and further education only available to our Certified Sommeliers.
11. The extensive shared classroom time and experiences of this course creates strong professional bonds and friendships between students and staff. You will make friends for life in this course and build solid professional networks.
12. If you fail the final examination you may retake the exam as many times as needed for a modest re-examination fee. You are NOT required to retake and repay the entire course fee. NASA periodically sets up exam dates which are communicated to the students.
13. Our goal is for 100% of our students to pass successfully. We offer private mentoring, online lecture recordings and material, study-groups and constant aid.
14. We pride ourselves in having a 98% overall satisfaction rate and a 96% quality-price ratio satisfaction.

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NASA (North American Sommelier Association) is the exclusive teaching institution of this internationally prestigious certification in the United States and Canada, under the strict supervision of the WSA - the largest Sommelier organization in the world - which directly issues the course certificates from its European headquarters in Rome.

This Sommelier course requires no previous professional wine background, although some prior basic wine knowledge is strongly recommended.

Due to the detail provided, extensive lecture time and overall complete program, students receive all materials required to successfully complete the course, inclusive of 5 high quality international standard books (3 of which are published by NASA and the WSA), wine tasting card and wine color chart, embroidered & padded Sommelier wine glass/bottle/books/corkscrew carrier bag, 2 Bormioli Rocco custom tasting glasses and a complete course notebook for notes, tastings and pairings. No self-purchase of texts is required !

This course is an incredible opportunity for people passionate about the glorious world of wine and to those whose familiarity lacks true breadth. It is a full Sommelier course tailored to those who either already work in the wine and hospitality industries or those who desire to obtain the highest levels of knowledge & certification as a personal goal, as well as individuals looking to enter the industry with a suitable resume'.

NASA very strongly believes in the value of first hand knowledge & classroom time. Self study has proven to be excessively laborious, costly, unfocused and less effective. As a consequence, the WSA/NASA SILVER-PIN CERTIFIED SOMMELIER course was designed as a "hands on" approach, entirely taught by an extensive roster of professionals & experts in the subjects covered, some of the most qualified and awarded in their fields and often natives of the countries and wine regions they are teaching. This provides students with a direct, tutored and broad view of the complex world of wine, as well as an opportunity to network extensively with industry peers and create new and exciting friendships between them through shared experience, study groups and camaraderie.

The course includes tastings of more than 120 of the finest wines and spirits from all over the globe, as well as dozens of food preparations for the 'food & wine pairing' phase.

Food and Wine Pairing is one of the curriculum's biggest strengths. Developed in the 1950's and expanded upon since, it is highly regarded around the world and patented by the WSA. Our unique and patented technical pairing method and chart is based on chemistry, bio-chemistry and human physiology, as well as time honored tradition. This method is a trademark of the Worldwide Sommelier Association and utilized by all of its global member organizations.

Students must complete and successfully pass the examination (written, practical & oral) at the end of the course to attain the internationally recognized WSA/NASA SILVER PIN CERTIFIED SOMMELIER qualification, after which they may continue their careers with numerous 'MASTERS' programs and the 'GOLD PIN CERTIFIED SOMMELIER' qualification (Gold Pin qualification rules may be found on page 10 of our statute).


Option 1:
$ 550 upon enrollment (*non refundable)
$ 1500 at beginning of the 1st phase
$ 1500 at the beginning of the 2nd phase
$ 640 at the beginning of the 3rd phase

Option 2:
$ 550 upon enrollment (*non refundable)
$ 400 every month for total of 8 months plus final payment (Final payment of $440).

Option 3:
Payment in full (Payment can be made with credit card or check made out to : North American Sommelier Association.

* $300 discount awarded for prior attendance of any NASA "Specialist" course

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