The North American Sommelier Association is a participating organization of the WSA(Worldwide Sommelier Association). This allows NASA to access & utilize historically world renowned methodologies and curriculums and to issue WSA certifications throughout the territory of North America, acting as the WSA's representative in this continent.

The WSA 'World Sommelier Association', is the largest Sommelier Association in the world, with extremely high curriculum and quality standards as well as political weight. It offers consistent opportunities and benefits from global recognition. This enhances the certifications issued by NASA by giving them an international valence. Together with its numerous sister companies around the globe, NASA partakes in the periodic 'Best Sommelier in the world' competition that the WSA organizes throughout all the countries where it is present on a bi-yearly basis.


Recently opened in the United States through the branches of California, New York and Washington DC between 2005 and 2008, the WSA is headquartered in Rome and is the utmost educational and consulting authority on Italian wines but is absolutely not limited to Italy. It is celebrated around the globe for its technical tasting methodology, patented food & wine pairing technique, publications, global events, certification recognition services, hospitality standards & course curriculums.

Working in close cooperation with international airlines, international hotel chains, significant wine glass producers, restaurants, wineries, chambers of commerce and a vast array of clients, the WSA's mindset is generally broader than most associations. The mission is to train, educate, evaluate and prepare professional "wine experts" as a whole, not limited to the restaurant floor only. We believe the wine & spirits industry is changing and a wider view, preparation and competence of the beverage & hospitality industry is essential.

WSA Sommeliers include journalists, TV personalities, celebrities, wholesalers, winemakers, retailers, viticulturists, university teachers and professionals.

The association carries 2 uniforms, one for representation and one for service, in order to properly differentiate the tasks of our qualified global "wine experts".

Through its partner publishing co. Bibenda, the WSA publishes a huge array of high quality books, a monthly magazine and a yearly wine guide "Duemilavini" which has become the most distinctive wine guide for Italian wines.

The aim of the association, as recited in the first article of the charter is:
“ qualify the character and the profession of the Sommelier and to add value to the culture of the wine within the world of food&beverage as a whole, not limited to restaurants and hotels only. It therefore will carry out every activity from communication activities to the organization of events, training of personnel and consulting. The Association is of cultural, didactic, and editorial character, for promoting the knowledge and consumption of wine and all alcoholic beverages, with a strong emphasis on food pairing based on proper chemical and stylistic matching, in order to heighten the quality of gastronomic appreciation across the globe, taking direct care of the professional preparation of sommeliers and staff”.

Currently, the WSA counts thousands of members (not all certified Sommeliers) with continuous increase and opening of various subsidiaries: Tokyo, Santo Domingo, London, Bruxelles, Munich & Los Angeles to name a few.

To be part of the WSA or any of its local representative organizations (NASA for North America...) means to participate to the many food & beverage activities that are organized from the Associates: guided wine tastings, seminars, dinners, visits to vineyards and wineries as well as the chance to actively take part in official professional wine evaluations, services and consulting...once the necessary qualifications are obtained.

The diplomas & certificates issued by any WSA representative association are oficially recognized across the world, wherever the WSA is present with an affiliate. Moreover, it means to be able to participate to conferences and national + international symposia, in order to improve one’s own acquaintances, as a professional or simple amateur, in the world of wine and the food & beverage market.

The WSA & NASA publish various books and periodicals such as:
• Monthly magazine “De Vinis”
• “Duemilavini” complete guide to Italian wines and restaurants, issued every year
• Each region has its own specific monthly magazine
• Course books & course materials (a complete series of 67 high quality books for the three phase Certified Sommelier course, Master Classes & Specialist Classes)