The North American Sommelier Association is proud to finally launch it's dedicated specialist course on technical FOOD & WINE PAIRING.

For over a decade, technical food & wine pairing has been part of our international NASA/WSA Silver-Pin Sommelier certification course and has largely been one of the strongest drawing factors to our certification. For years we have received requests to extract it from the full Sommelier course and offer it individually. Now, this advanced and in-depth wine & food pairing curriculum can be taken as a single class with an exam to obtain the 'Food & Wine Pairing Specialist - FWPS' certification.

As a member of the Worldwide Sommelier Association (WSA), NASA has access to the renowned, historical and cutting edge curriculum, material and methodology related to technical food & wine pairing. Our method is a specific technical approach based on human physiology, chemistry and tradition. Hailing from culinary paradise, Europe, and developed in the 1960's, it is part of the Sommelier certifications and culinary colleges throughout the old continent, from Italy and France and over 10 nations. The North American Sommelier Association has re-developed, fine tuned and advanced the technical method to fit and suit the needs and trends of the North American  culinary market and approach, as well as terminology. It is hands down the most advanced and defined food & wine pairing technique, based on actual codified concepts, factors and principles and not mere simple guidelines or conventional pre-boxed pairings. This course will teach you HOW and WHY a specific dish works with a specific type of wine based on actual sensorial factors, instead of simply providing you with a list of preconceived pairings that are blindly accepted to be correct.

The 'FWPS Certification' is a fantastic course for both Sommeliers, wine trade and industry professionals looking to have a significant edge over the competition in their fields and their establishments, as well as food & wine enthusiasts looking to improve their quality of life & culinary enjoyment. It also caters to chefs, cooks and cuisine staff looking to bridge the gap between the food floor and the wine floor into a successful and potent marriage. The course will highly develop your sense of taste and smell as well as teach you essential notions of the human palate, history & tradition and culinary concepts. It will fine tune your capabilities of evaluation & tasting and provide you with the skill to pair any wine with any dish and vice versa, as well as adjust pairings that are not completely successful. Our method, is based on science.


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Course details:

The FWPS - Food & Wine Pairing Specialist, consists of x4 days (four) of class containing 5 hours of lectures each and 1 hour lunch break. Alongside the theoretical lecture, the course consists of numerous training examples, wine tastings and food & wine pairing tastings, that make up the practical component of this course.


On the 1st day of class you will receive :

- Wine tasting methodology CHART

- Course notebook containing empty method forms

- Electronic copy of our book 'FOOD & WINE', utilized worldwide in WSA Sommelier certification courses.


The exam is made up of a written test containing 35 multiple choice, 14 short answers and 1 short essay as well as x3 pairing exercises utilizing our technical methodology over the duration of 2 hours. A passing score of 65% is required to obtain the 'FWPS - Food & Wine Pairing Specialist' certificate.


Price: $650.00 (all inclusive)

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WHERE: WINEHOUSE (upstairs) - 2311 Cotner ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90064