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WEBINAR: A Sherry for All Occasions


When:  Wednesday November 1st, 9:15 am PST/12:15 pm EST
Who:   NASA members, guests, trade, our partners, public. (Max 100 attendees)

1. Click on the link 5-10 minutes before the start of the webinar:

2. Please enter as GUEST - you may need to switch browsers, install FLASH or Adobe Connect Add-In. We recommend a test.

3. A PDF of the slides will be sent the day before the seminar.

This webinar will be recorded; the link will be online soon after the webinar.

The wines of Jerez have been made for export since the times of the Roman Empire.  Magellan, in preparation for his trip around the world, spent more money on wine than any other supplies.  His entire wine supply came from Jerez, so Sherry has been traveling around the globe for half a millennium.  Perhaps this is what makes Sherry such a versatile wine when it comes to pairing it with food.  In our webinar, we will briefly review where Sherry comes from and how it is made, and then focus on the palette of Sherry styles and matching them with food.

Irina Ponomarenko, Certified Sherry Educator

Irina Ponomarenko is a WSA/NASA Silver Pin Sommelier. She is a Master Taster and Instructor for NASA, with a passion for and specialization in spirits and fortified wines.  Irina recently traveled to Jerez for the Sherry Educator program; she is pictured here receiving her certification from the Consejo Regulador.