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WEBINAR: Cognac; how to order it, buy it, pair it.

The grape that is capable of producing great wines also produces one of the noblest spirits of the world.  The United States is Cognac’s biggest export market, yet its place on wine lists is shrinking, taken over by grain spirits. 

Let’s take 30 minutes to see what flavors and aromas to expect from different types of Cognac, and what are the best ways to enjoy them - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Who:   NASA members, guests, trade, our partners, public. (Max 100 attendees)

1. Click on the link 5-10 minutes before the start of the webinar:
(Link available by Friday May 25th)

2. Please enter as GUEST - you may need to switch browsers, install FLASH or Adobe Connect Add-In. We recommend a test.

3. A PDF of the slides will be sent the day before the seminar or you may download once into the webinar.

This webinar will be recorded; the link will be online soon after the webinar.

Presenter:  Irina Ponomarenko
Certified Cognac Educator
WSA/NASA Silver Pin Certified Sommelier
Master Taster

Irina recently returned from Cognac where she was among a select group of educators training for the Cognac Educator Certificate.  Irina has been an instructor with the North American Sommelier Association since 2013.  She teaches a variety of courses, including the spirits module of the Certified Sommelier curriculum.