Diego Meraviglia

President & Director Of Education

Diego Meraviglia was born and raised in Northern Piemonte, on the border with Switzerland and Lombardia, specifically on the shores of lake Maggiore. He has lived and travelled across a great portion of the world including Dubai.

Surrounded by wine since birth, his professional studies began in 2003 when he attended the 3-Level certified Sommelier school in Milano with the Italian Sommelier Association. Furthering his studies and training, he moved on to obtain the ‘Official Taster’ master qualification in early 2006 before relocating to Los Angeles (CA) that same year. He is one of the translators and re-writers of the AIS course-book ‘Food&Wine’, utilized throughout the world in Sommelier courses.

In 2008, he obtained the 4th level ‘Gold pin’ certification with the AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommeliers) & WSA (Worldwide Sommelier Association) and began his training as teacher.

Between 2008 and 2011, Diego Meraviglia became Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) with the Society of Wine Educators in the United States, as well as the certification with the Court of Master Sommeliers among other diplomas.

In 2009, he was awarded the prestigious international prize ‘AIS - Villa Sandi’, given to only 15 Sommeliers worldwide for “innovation in the profession of Sommelier”.

He is one of the founders of the North American Sommelier Association and has worked in numerous restaurants between Italy, Dubai and Los Angeles. Featured extensively in the industry and general press, he is now a freelance consultant for restaurants amongst which Trattoria Neapolis (Pasadena), teacher & VP & Director Of Education for NASA, professional freelance wine educator and Italian Imports Director for Winemonger, a boutique importer & distributor based in California.

In 2013 at the Worldwide Sommelier Association 'Best Sommelier in the world' competition, which took place in London (England), Diego Meraviglia ranked 5th. The competition involved 21 countries and 26 semi-finalists.

Aside from NASA and his freelance work, Meraviglia is also Italian Wine Director forWINEMONGER, a boutique wine importer & distributor based in California, for which he also manages sales in the Los Angeles area and can be seen regularly around America & Canada as a freelance consultant, speaker and educator.

Meraviglia is passionate about archeology and ancient European history, with a focus on his native land's Celtic (Gaulish) heritage. He is the developer of the signature seminar "The Celts and wine : an archeological research into the deepest roots of European wine", for which he is currently designing a website. He also cooperates with various wineries in Northern Italy on the recreation of the ancient Gaulish wine and the promotion of its culture.

In February of 2017 Diego proudly became 'US Brand Ambassador' for DOM PERIGNON Champagne, his current full-time occupation.



    • Gold-Pin Professional Sommelier (AIS/WSA)
    • Official BORDEAUX WINE EDUCATOR (CIVB - Conseil Interprofessionnel di Vin de Bordeaux)
    • Master Taster (AIS/WSA)
    • Master Of Terroir (NASA)
    • Master Of Service (NASA)
    • Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) - Society Of Wine Educators
    • Certified Champagne Specialist (Veuve Clicquot Ateliers)
    • Certified Sommelier - Court of Master Sommeliers
    • Enology & Viticulture Diploma - Silvarte (Italy)


    Press Articles:


    2015 CAMPAIGN MESSAGE: Dear friends, colleagues and members; it is with great excitement and optimism for the future that I present my candidacy for another term as Vice President of the North American Sommelier Association. As a founding officer, I have seen this organization grow from an "idea" into a 4-fold growth reality in just under 4 years. The results are in front of everyone's eyes. What we achieved and what has been accomplished is in front of everyone's eyes. When we started, the courses, the certifications, the friends made, the relationships established, the experiences and the recognition nationwide and worldwide were bullet points of a dream. A dream aimed at humbly educating, without presumption, but with passion and love for the world of wine and the culture and cultures that come with it. A dream of sharing.  It is through the spread and sharing of passion for this ancient discipline and pleasure that we can keep fueling the flames of growth, prosperity and life improvement thanks to a firm commitment towards the philosophy of wine, well beyond the mere beverage. Wine is love, nature, history, passion, emotion, art...it is humanity. It is what we are. I am profoundly proud of what this first administration has achieved through teamwork. It is through the spread and sharing of passion that we achieved all this in just 4 years. Yet there is so much more to do ! So much more to achieve. So many more ideas to bring to light and so many more souls to touch and friends to make. In my native Italy we have a saying, "A team that wins should not be changed". I feel this team is "winning", and I ask for your support and your vote so that we can finish what we started and continue the dream for another 4 years. Thank you so much for your support.